Stronger Economies Together

Northeast Texas is Southwest Arkansas’ best ally, and vice-versa.

The state line is a unifier, not a divider, and this image must be cultivated for our region to prosper.

With this new model for economic development, a “win” for either side of the state line is a win for all, and an established combined economic development effort offers us the opportunity to invest in the future of the entire Texarkana MSA.

While this investment will require funding commitments from private as well as public stakeholders, the cost of not investing in the future of our region will result in depletion of momentum and missed economic opportunities as peer communities garner strength.

A unified effort, uniquely designed to serve as the gateway to our future, capitalizes on our potential for regional growth and prosperity.


Get Involved...

Nearly two dozen separate economic development groups exist within a 30-minute drive of Texarkana—and while there is strength in numbers, we are stronger together. Economic development in any part of the Texarkana MSA is a win for the entire region, no matter which city, county or state it lands in.